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Trial and Error

Reflecting back over last weeks race, I spent time thinking about ways I could have made it better.  Training runs help to provide the time to learn what works and what doesn't.  Ordering a new pair of shoes and taking them out on a run to see how they work (or don't), trying new hydration packs, realizing you shouldn't have had that huge salad right before your run (Where is that poop emoji when you need it?)

Many of these things are complete enjoyment for me.  Going to the race expos and getting all these new fun trinkets, snacks, gear, and then taking the out for a test run.  This is the advice I give to many people when they ask me about various aspects of running.  I often get asked what type of running shoes I use.  But as we know there are so many options out there, because there are so many styles of running and what works well for one person won't work for another person.  There are somethings I would never go without and others that I KNOW I cannot even atte…

Marathon #6 - Complete!

Marathon #6 weekend was a success!!!

3 days, 3 races, all complete!  This is the 5th year we have traveled to Arizona for the Rock N Roll Marathon series but the first time I've attempted the Full marathon.  I've done the 1/2 and LOVED it but with my 50x50 project, I knew the place where my favorite half marathon course is would be where I would check off the state of Arizona!

We drove in on Friday which was the same day as the 1-mile run.  We rushed to the race expo to pick up our bibs, then checked into the hotel.  The weather was great!  A nice warm atmosphere from the snow and freezing temps I've been running in lately.

The 1-mile race was mine to win!  I've only dreamt of breaking the tape at a race and this day, I did it!  Hopefully, I can find some pictures from the race even soon, but I took first female finisher with a time of 06:49!

On to day two!  We got up early for the 5k which also turned out to be beautiful weather!  I've done this 5k before so I was…

It's Marathon Week! #6

This weekend I'll be heading out to Arizona for the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon.  The weekend will compile 3 races over 3 days.  The 1 mile run on Friday, the 5k (3.1 miles) on Saturday, and the Marathon (26.2 miles) on Sunday.

It's been lots of cold weather running lately.  I've actually grown fond of the cold weather running this year.  Sometimes getting out at 3am for a below freezing run is the perfect way to wake you up!  I remember reading a recommendation by Tim Ferriss about a cold shower to wake you up.  Try a freezing run!

While out running last week, in trying to avoid the ice patches, I managed to get taken out by a bush. It ended my run early and I got some nice cuts and bruises to show off my rugged and daring adventure!  After a little ice and rest all parts felt in proper working order.

As I prepare this tapering week and get ready for #6, I'm enamored with the thought of how I discover other runners.  Sometimes I randomly bump into someone familiar a…
Where do I begin?
First off - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Many of you know (because I don't have anyone following my blog yet except those that know me), that I LOVE to run.  Its become something that's grown on me over the years and now something I cannot live without.

To get to the point of my blog, I've decided to take on the adventure of running 50 marathons by the age of 50.  However, these 50 marathons will also be one from each state.

I've decided to blog this journey and let people know my progress.  I'll post details about my previous runs but where I am at now is 37 years old, 5 marathons completed in 5 states.

I am registered for 5 marathons in 2019.  My first one up with be the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon on January 20th.  Im also running as a St. Jude Hero!  My fundraising goal for this run is $600.  If you'd like to make a donation, here is the link to my fundraising page:…