It's Marathon Week! #6

This weekend I'll be heading out to Arizona for the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon.  The weekend will compile 3 races over 3 days.  The 1 mile run on Friday, the 5k (3.1 miles) on Saturday, and the Marathon (26.2 miles) on Sunday.

It's been lots of cold weather running lately.  I've actually grown fond of the cold weather running this year.  Sometimes getting out at 3am for a below freezing run is the perfect way to wake you up!  I remember reading a recommendation by Tim Ferriss about a cold shower to wake you up.  Try a freezing run!

While out running last week, in trying to avoid the ice patches, I managed to get taken out by a bush. It ended my run early and I got some nice cuts and bruises to show off my rugged and daring adventure!  After a little ice and rest all parts felt in proper working order.

As I prepare this tapering week and get ready for #6, I'm enamored with the thought of how I discover other runners.  Sometimes I randomly bump into someone familiar at a race, or I see their facebook post about a run they completed.  Running has always been a solitary adventure for me.  Something I can do alone, anytime, no real restrictions.  Just myself and some decent shoes.  What I've realized now is that I feel a bond and connection with other runners as if we are on the same team.  We ran a marathon together!  Completely different times, and maybe we didn't even see each other, but we can share in the joy and experience as if we were hand in hand.  Even those that ran the same race years prior, it's still as if we are playing the same game together.  Runners have a unique bond.  One thing I love is when people pick up running and I see the joy they get when they know and experience the "runners high".  All I say to those who ask what that is, You'll know what it is when you get it!

On a side note, I just want to give HUGE kudos to Jaime and Kellie, 2 of my inspirational runners who ran Walt Disney World this past weekend.  These two ladies inspire me and push me to do better!  I love running with them and seeing them at the local races!  Here is a couple pictures when we placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall female finishers at a couple local races.

Until next week my friends!  I'll update you all on how Marathon #6 went!


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