Marathon #6 - Complete!

Marathon #6 weekend was a success!!!

3 days, 3 races, all complete!  This is the 5th year we have traveled to Arizona for the Rock N Roll Marathon series but the first time I've attempted the Full marathon.  I've done the 1/2 and LOVED it but with my 50x50 project, I knew the place where my favorite half marathon course is would be where I would check off the state of Arizona!

We drove in on Friday which was the same day as the 1-mile run.  We rushed to the race expo to pick up our bibs, then checked into the hotel.  The weather was great!  A nice warm atmosphere from the snow and freezing temps I've been running in lately.

The 1-mile race was mine to win!  I've only dreamt of breaking the tape at a race and this day, I did it!  Hopefully, I can find some pictures from the race even soon, but I took first female finisher with a time of 06:49!

On to day two!  We got up early for the 5k which also turned out to be beautiful weather!  I've done this 5k before so I was familiar with the course.  I managed to PR my 5k time (although not sure this is the best idea to attempt the day before a marathon... hence its called a "shake-out" run).  Sometimes you just get so wrapped up in the run, the excitement, the competition, and for me, the overall ability to test the limits of your body.  So I ended up 6th overall female!

Since we didn't get much time to spend at the expo the day before we freshened up and headed to back to the expo.  We decided on a low key day to stay rested for the big events.  After the expo we grabbed a bite to eat and went to watch "The Mule" which I think was a great movie.

Then the day of the big event.  Marathons always intimidate me.  There is so much energy put into training and various aspects of gear, nutrition, hydration, travel, parking, etc....  I suppose my type A personality works in my favor here.  With everything laid out and ready to go I geared up for my run, proud to once again be running as a hero for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
The stage was set for a great race.  Perfect conditions, I felt great overall, trained and ready.  The course was fantastic.  The "wall" crept in at mile 20-21 which for some reason I was neglecting to remember existed.  As many of my runner friends know, this is when mental toughness has to kick in.  But, I made it through.  Official time says 3:41 which I take as a complete win!.

After the race, we went to relax in the St. Jude hospitality tent.  Some of the greatest people work for St. Jude and I'm glad to be affiliated with such an amazing organization.  My running crew is amazing.  They inspire me!  We support each other and take joy in each other's accomplishments!  As a special mention, I had the honor of getting to be part of the meet and greet with the Plain White Ts!!!  Overall I close the weekend on Marathon #6 with pure joy.  It just was fabulous!!!

So, what's next?  Well, I'm on to Marathon #7.  Yes, I'm already registered and excited to tell you all more!  Stay tuned!!!!


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