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Who's Up For A Challenge?

This week it snowed and caused an already shortened week to be even shorter.  No complaints here though because the snow melts quickly and as you can see, it doesn't subject us to the treadmill.

Here was around 0800....

Then (around 1130) by the time I finished my 8 mile run....
Snow?  What Snow???
When I got home I realized I felt great and was so relieved that the weather turned out well.  It got me thinking...  Have you ever been so excited with an idea that you just cant wait to tell your spouse or friend, only to receive some news that it's a terrible idea?  Or even worse, you have an idea that you share, are told how amazing and fabulous the idea is, only to do nothing with it?  I feel many of us put ourselves in comfort zones and don't allow our creativity, greatness, ideas, and the beauty of who we really are shine from within.  My assumption is that we have grown afraid.  We live in fear of what others think or how they will judge us.  We are terrified of failing…

N is for Nurse

It's been an exciting year so far.  Many changes and challenges have presented themselves and I'm learning more about myself as an individual as well as a runner.  The idea of being a human test subject has intrigued me and I'm enjoying many new adventures.  Among those adventures is testing my abilities as a runner.  I've always enjoyed running and going different distances.  What I didn't realize was how I was holding back my ability.  Never did I think I could run the distances or speeds I'm currently doing.  Not that they are olympic level or even remotely close, but seeing my improvements is very motivating.  Looking back I believe there was always a fear of not being able to finish a race, so I'd go slow and not "burn out".  I'd intentionally hold myself back for fear of failure.  In turn, I was never able to see how good I might be, never see what my body and mind were capable of.  Realizing this during my running (Thank you NYC Maratho…


In order to help accommodate those who would like some reading on the weekends, I'll be moving my blog updates to Fridays.  So hopefully you'll have something to enjoy with that weekend cup of coffee.  Since I'll be traveling to Memphis this week, you get my weekly ramblings today!

With that said, check out the beauty of Sedona at the start of the Sedona Half Marathon!
The past couple weeks I've been thinking a lot about transparency and how things look on the outside vs. reality.  Many of us have seen those posts about being kind to others because you never know what someone else is going through.  But when it comes down to it, how much are we truly being compassionate for others?  So why is this on my mind?  Well it started on Saturday when I ran the Sedona half marathon.  Everything was great!  But for some reason I couldn't get my mind in the run.  I was so distracted in my head that the run was far less enjoyable than it should have been.  With that, here is o…