N is for Nurse

It's been an exciting year so far.  Many changes and challenges have presented themselves and I'm learning more about myself as an individual as well as a runner.  The idea of being a human test subject has intrigued me and I'm enjoying many new adventures.  Among those adventures is testing my abilities as a runner.  I've always enjoyed running and going different distances.  What I didn't realize was how I was holding back my ability.  Never did I think I could run the distances or speeds I'm currently doing.  Not that they are olympic level or even remotely close, but seeing my improvements is very motivating.  Looking back I believe there was always a fear of not being able to finish a race, so I'd go slow and not "burn out".  I'd intentionally hold myself back for fear of failure.  In turn, I was never able to see how good I might be, never see what my body and mind were capable of.  Realizing this during my running (Thank you NYC Marathon for being the true eye opener), it dawned on me that I was also doing this in my professional and personal life.  My job was good.  Overall I liked what I did and truly enjoyed those I worked with.  Fear of others not liking my ideas, judgements from co-workers, an increase in the bullying I was already receiving, are all just a few of there reasons I played it safe.  I'd be the good employee, show up on time, get my work done... Long story short I became the "Yes" person.  My boss would ask for something, and I'd say yes.  When I started resisting and demands of my life became too much, I had no choice but to start saying "No".  At first, I felt guilty.  Guilty that I was letting people down.  Many people.  My boss, co-workers, but most importantly, my family.  I realized something had to give and where do I want to excel and put in my energy and efforts.  So I left the job that was demanding more than I could give.  I'm thriving in my new position, running more and better than I ever thought I could have, any my family life is more enjoyable.  There is nothing better than being able to spend more time with my kids whether that's at practices, sharing a cup of tea, or participating in therapy sessions with my youngest.

I'm still learning, still growing, and still testing my abilities in many areas of my life.  I'm learning to love myself more and to let go of those things that don't "spark joy".  Not only the tangible items in my life, but people, ideas, and negative opinions of myself.  It's the only life I have so I'm going to continue on and hopefully make the best of it and have fewer mistakes than I have in the past.  Also, this is the only body I have.  I'll continue to take care of it, test its abilities, and be thankful that I'm given the ability to run as well as LOVE it!

With that said, I'll continue moving forward doing better than I've done before.  Part of that is to give back in ways that I can.  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been dear to my heart for a while.  I was honored to attend their Volunteer Leadership Conference last weekend.  I enjoyed meeting other Heroes who fundraise with running and walking activities, various volunteers, workers, patients and families.  We were able to tour the hospital which, as a nurse, was so very touching.  This humbling experience opened my eyes to not only pain and hardship that I'd never want another human to endure, but also what I can do to help.  SO... I can run.  And in running, I can fundraise and help support those in need.  With my 50 by 50 project I plan to at least have 2 of those marathons each year be dedicated to fundraising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Here are some of the photos over my wonderful time in Memphis last week.

I would absolutely love it you'd consider making a donation to St. Jude's.  Here is the link for my fundraising page for the December 7th, 2019 Memphis Marathon.  My goal is $600 for this race.


We had a group shakeout run for anyone who wanted to join.  My southwest group along with the entire group that went out in 25 degree weather!  We were led by Coach Kevin who is the national running coach for St. Judes.

The famous statue of Danny Thomas in the atrium.  His nose is rubbed so much for good luck you can see the discoloration.

The ABC's of Cancer wall has artwork from the patients in the hospital.  I especially loved the "N" for Nurse.  My heart melted.

Some various areas of the hospital

Some of the childrens artwork.

What trip would be complete without going for an exploration run.  Memphis was cold and freezing, but that did't stop me.  It was an absolute joy to my heart to be able to run along the Mississippi river and enjoy the sunrise.  I'm excited and looking forward to returning in December for the Memphis Marathon!  Rest assured, there will be more marathons in between!

Back home I got to run in the local Sweetheart 10k.  It was enjoyable and after the heartfelt visit I had to Memphis I ran with joy and love in my heart for St. Judes.  Once again reminding myself to be grateful and do what I can with my abilities.

And what could spark better joy than to have one of my absolute favorite people in this world run with me.  My son was gracious enough to tough out a mile run with me.  

Moving forward I am beginning my taper (Runners talk for the time you slow down your training for your upcoming race) for the Napa Valley Marathon.  This one will be Number 7!!!  I'm excited and looking forward to it.  For now, the plan is to focus on good nutrition and sleep until March 3rd!  Have a great weekend everyone and go run!


  1. Awesome! Our limiting beliefs not only keep us from realizing our fullest potential, but they also prevent us from giving our best to those around us. We are each blessed with unique gifts and talents. Our purpose in life is to give those away in the service of others. It all begins with a belief in our ability to accomplish whatever it is we set our minds and hearts to. You're making a positive difference, Sara.


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