Who's Up For A Challenge?

This week it snowed and caused an already shortened week to be even shorter.  No complaints here though because the snow melts quickly and as you can see, it doesn't subject us to the treadmill.

Here was around 0800....

Then (around 1130) by the time I finished my 8 mile run....

Snow?  What Snow???

When I got home I realized I felt great and was so relieved that the weather turned out well.  It got me thinking...  Have you ever been so excited with an idea that you just cant wait to tell your spouse or friend, only to receive some news that it's a terrible idea?  Or even worse, you have an idea that you share, are told how amazing and fabulous the idea is, only to do nothing with it?  I feel many of us put ourselves in comfort zones and don't allow our creativity, greatness, ideas, and the beauty of who we really are shine from within.  My assumption is that we have grown afraid.  We live in fear of what others think or how they will judge us.  We are terrified of failing so we stay in the safe zone.  We work in jobs we hate.  We strive to keep up with the picture perfect family and cover up the pain of imperfections and loneliness.  I wont lie.  Running was a way for me to try to escape my loneliness and try to be happy being alone..

It wasn't like I was born loving running or even something I was crazy about for a long time.  I just found in time that I truly love and enjoy running.  So now what may be perceived as something crazy, just shines from me because its what I love.  Imagine if we stopped holding back those passions we have  Let your heart free and let your mind be creative.  Develop those wonderful ideas and dreams you had as a kid.  When we were little, people would ask what we wanted to be when we grew up.  Many lavish and extraordinary careers were chosen such as a doctor, astronaut, ballerina, etc.  Well you know what?  There are people out there who have those jobs.  They never stopped that dream and never let go of the passion they had.

As I've grown older, I've spent a lot of time trying to find that passion.  Too much time was wasted not allowing the real me to live and enjoy life.  It's back and I'm not about to let it go.  There isn't time to waste so if you want to go have coffee, chat on the phone, or go for a run, let's do it!  We are all busy and can develop reason after reason, excuse after excuse, as to why we don't build our relationships with others.

So here is my challenge I'm putting out to you all this week.  Take just 5 minutes of one of your days.  Send your best friend, spouse, family member, or just someone you want to reach out to, a text just to say hello.  Take just a few moments to reconnect.

This past week I was able to go on 2 separate runs with 2 friends of mine.  We enjoyed the weather, the pace, but most of all, each others company.  Both times I left feeling overwhelmed with greatness that I had such wonderful and motivating people to share my time with.  I hope you accept my challenge and can find the same pure joy as I did this past week.  No one coming to mind you want to reach out to?  Contact me!!!  I promise at the very least, I'll come back with a joke.

Additionally, don't forget to take time to take care of yourself.  Here are two of my favorite methods of taking care of my legs that I put so much work on each week.  Giving them extra love for the upcoming race next weekend!  Foam Roller and an Ice Bath!

As for running this week, I completed my final tempo run (running at the pace I plan to run in the race), yesterday and will now be enjoying the easy, low mileage runs until the Napa Valley Marathon next Sunday, March 3rd.  This will complete #7 on the 50 by 50 project!
Napa Valley Marathon

At this point in my training I typically don't try new things.  But I'm still willing to trial anything you want to send my way.  Just email me what it is and where I can find it. I'll give you my personal feedback as I test drive the product.

Click here to see What I'm currently testing

I plan to give you all my honest feedback about this product in the next week or two.

Just got these in the mail this week.  I won't try them out until after Napa.  Just to avoid any type of injury that may occur.  #newtonrunning

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Feel free to share any good experiences you had if you accept my challenge.  Also feel free to follow me and share on facebook and instagram  @50by50running  @sarastew11





  1. Thank you for the inspiration Sara. You speak words of wisdom beyond your years. Love you bunches, Uncs ❤️


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