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Marathon meets a Baseball challenge

So next up on the running calendar is a couple local races before my 8th Marathon, The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 28th.  I have many reason close to my heart why this particular marathon was chosen.  Stay tuned for more on that next week.
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Marathon training is complex.  Some days I love it, somedays I feel anxiety wondering how I'll get my run in with all of the other demand of life.  But at the end of the day, I've never once said, I wish I didn't go for that run.  So it takes some creativity to keep running enjoyable and get through some hurdles when your just feeling tired or burnt out.  I realized when I did my first run in 2011 for a charity that my runs had more meaning.  My supporters counted on me to complete the task I said I was going to do in return for their support.  After many more charity runs and being an honored St. Jude Hero, I wanted to incorporate my 50 by 50 marathons to organizations and charities that coul…

Family that runs together...

I'll start off by saying that I'm coming off of such a HIGH from the Napa Valley Marathon!  Sharing my race photos and hanging up my finisher bib and medal were one of the highlights of my week.  In addition, my dad came out for a short weekend visit.  There was a local 5k, the Nitro 5k Chocolate and Coffee run that we decided to sign up for.  That same day was the traveling Black light run that we had signed up for many months ago.  We decided we would take on both of these runs.  In addition, we both had our long Sunday run of 10 miles to do.  So we planed out the weekend and welcomed my dad for a visit.

The inaugural Nitro 5k was enjoyable as it was a fresh course in the downtown area of Albuquerque.  A nice change of scenery from where I typically run.  There was the sweet smell of coffee in the air and the weather was nice enough for shorts and a tank top.  My legs felt pretty good being a week off from Napa.  I ended up finishing in 22:14.

2nd place age group finisher of…

Wine Country is a Fine Country

This was my first time venturing solo to one of my marathons.  Typically my family or friends go and we all coordinate and take care of each other, but this time it was all me.  My new found independence had me both nervous and excited.  So here I was with Marathon #7 and the great state of California on my radar.  I reviewed the logistics of the course, studied the itinerary so I wouldn't miss anything, and packed my bags.  I was ready.  Mentally and Physically.  This was one race I had trained well for and was very excited to attend.  I'd heard about the lack of crowd support (basically the EXACT opposite of the NYC Marathon), but was looking forward to the peace and connecting with the run.  I'd soon find out that's exactly what would happen.    I flew into San Francisco and stopped to take in the beauty of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. The short drive to Napa had me feeling nervous, excited, and anxious to see what the weekend had in store.  Napa was welcoming wi…