Family that runs together...

I'll start off by saying that I'm coming off of such a HIGH from the Napa Valley Marathon!  Sharing my race photos and hanging up my finisher bib and medal were one of the highlights of my week.  In addition, my dad came out for a short weekend visit.  There was a local 5k, the Nitro 5k Chocolate and Coffee run that we decided to sign up for.  That same day was the traveling Black light run that we had signed up for many months ago.  We decided we would take on both of these runs.  In addition, we both had our long Sunday run of 10 miles to do.  So we planed out the weekend and welcomed my dad for a visit.

The inaugural Nitro 5k was enjoyable as it was a fresh course in the downtown area of Albuquerque.  A nice change of scenery from where I typically run.  There was the sweet smell of coffee in the air and the weather was nice enough for shorts and a tank top.  My legs felt pretty good being a week off from Napa.  I ended up finishing in 22:14.

Image courtesy of Run Fit

2nd place age group finisher of 24
5th overall female finisher of 205
15th overall finisher of 288

And a cool medal to take home

I believe this was the third race that my dad and I both placed in our age groups.  Seeing my dad get a medal and just knowing how passionate he is about running just brings me so much joy.  He finished in 28:10.

3rd place age group finisher of 6
32nd overall male finisher of 83
56th overall finisher of 288

We hung around and chatted with some of the local runners and I introduced my dad to some of the running regulars.  I've never met a runner that we couldn't find something to talk about and the bond and sense of understanding we have.

After getting our race bling and some warm coffee we headed back to freshen up.  The black light run was the same evening and we decided to just have a casual run.  It was chaotic, crowded, and not the typical race I'm used to.  But my dad and I enjoyed it.  We dashed around walkers and runners.  Some people out there for the fun and got really dressed up.  We ended up with our second medal for the day.  I can't recall ever doing 2 races in one day.

On Sunday we went out for our early morning long run.  It was cool and peaceful.  We started off in the dark and the silence surrounded us.  I paced a little ahead of my dad, we overshot our distance, my dad got lost (and was shortly found after), which all made for some laughs when we got back to my house and had a cup of coffee.  We filled our bellies with warm Blake's Burritos and enjoyed a short conversation before my dad had to head back home.

My dad has been a runner for quite a while and we have shared many hours talking about running, gear, races, goals, and dreams.  There is so much to my running life that involves my dad.  I'll talk much more about him, and I'll reflect more on my running history in another post, but with 7 marathons completed, I'm proud and honored to say that 4 of those were done with my dad.  My very first marathon.  So here is a little throwback to my very first marathon I completed.  The 2011 Duke City Marathon!  Believe it or not, my first marathon I placed 3rd in my age group!
While my first marathon has many memories associated with it as well as a sense of completion I'll never be able to replicate, having the memory with my dad makes it even sweeter.

Pre-race shenanigans with matching tattoos

After the 2011 Duke City Marathon with our family - the epic cheering squad!
My son has been sweet enough to come run with me from time to time.  He is actually really good at it so I give him gentle encouragement.  He does a race with me from time to time and I hope he learns to love it as much as I do.  A family that runs together, stays together.

Our last race together in mid December - Kringle Jingle
Finisher Medal, 2nd place overall kids 2 mile finisher with a sweet New Balance Gift card!!!!!

A couple weeks ago out for a short run around the neighborhood
This family has defiantly put some miles in together and have many more to go.  My dad and I actually have 2 marathons we are registered for later this year.  More on those later.  For now, I'll let you all know that my next marathon, #8, is the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  I've ran this half marathon before, and so far, its been by far the most emotionally charged run I've ever done.  So in 6 1/2 weeks I'll be heading to OKC.

Product Review -  Huma Energy Gel PLUS

I ordered a box of these gels as some other brands were beginning to make me nauseated and they wouldn't sit well.  These ones were marked as tummy friendly (I made that statement up), and all natural ingredients.  The Plus also has extra electrolytes.  Overall, I give these a 9 out of 10.  They taste great, digest well, and give me the added boost I'm looking for.  I'd prefer just a little more caffeine boost from those that have caffeine.

Whats next on the testing block? - Newton Gravity 8 Shoes
I'll be incorporating some downhill training for an upcoming race.  While running downhill may sound easier than climbing up a hill, it presents its own set of challenges to running and can be hard on the legs.  The Newton Gravity 8s were recommended for their forefoot cushioning to help with this.  So I'll be giving these a trial.  If nothing else they look great!

So there was the week in running and enjoying memories with one of my favorite runners.  As always I'd love to hear from you.  Please send me your feedback, product recommendations, and any questions.  Enjoy your week!


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