Marathon meets a Baseball challenge

So next up on the running calendar is a couple local races before my 8th Marathon, The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 28th.  I have many reason close to my heart why this particular marathon was chosen.  Stay tuned for more on that next week.

Marathon training is complex.  Some days I love it, somedays I feel anxiety wondering how I'll get my run in with all of the other demand of life.  But at the end of the day, I've never once said, I wish I didn't go for that run.  So it takes some creativity to keep running enjoyable and get through some hurdles when your just feeling tired or burnt out.  I realized when I did my first run in 2011 for a charity that my runs had more meaning.  My supporters counted on me to complete the task I said I was going to do in return for their support.  After many more charity runs and being an honored St. Jude Hero, I wanted to incorporate my 50 by 50 marathons to organizations and charities that could benefit from my runs.

Those of you that know my son could answer the question of "What is your favorite sport" before you even ask him.  He first played T-ball at age 4 and has been dedicated since.  6 years of baseball and a couple different teams, we found our Family with the Jaxx.  Isaiah has played in his little league with many of the players on his club team and even played with a couple of the coaches.  So when he had the opportunity to try out and was on the Jaxx team, I'd never seen him so happy.

His grandpa gave him the picture below as a gift for his birthday last year.  Of course it's Isaiahs FAVORITE player (mine too), as well as from the Best team in the League (this is not up for debate).
 So after this kid made the Jaxx team, he came to me and said, "Mom, I'll Never take for granted the opportunity I've been given to put on a Jaxx uniform."  Kinda one of those things that just hits your heart.  He is devoted and loves his team.  He won't admit it, but I think when he first got his Jersey and tried it on, I saw a tear.

Last weekend at our first tournament.  He pitched and had 5 strikeouts for the first game.

The 9u 2019 Spring Jaxx Team.  I did order the picture but waiting on that to come in so the PROOF is removed.

Day 1 the first mile completed
With my 8th marathon coming up I had the idea at the Jaxx tournament that I'd dedicate my 8th marathon to them.  These boys work so hard and when you get to watch them play, especially during a tournament, you watch all that hard work get utilized on the field.  Not only that, they truly bond as a family.  As well as us as parents.  With that, I decided I'd fundraise for these boys.  My goal is $1500 for their team.  Any sport parent out there knows that there is so much expenses.  A tournament registration alone can range from $500-$800.  I'd rather these kids and families focus on the game and being able to do what they love with a little relief of these expenses.

What my son agreed to do was run 1 mile with me every day during my marathon training.  This is his way of contributing to support his team, as well as me.  So each day he logs a mile with me, makes a very cool video, and thanks our team supporters.

Day 4 Complete

After a 21 mile long run, practices, and just needing some energy, we eat Pho with no shame.

If you'd like to support our Jaxx Club Baseball team and make a donation you may do so at the facebook page BY CLICKING HERE!

If you'd prefer a cash or check donation, you can message me directly!

Thank you all so much for supporting our team.  It sure means a lot to all of us!
Isaiah is going to keep logging the miles, and we will keep you posted on his progress.  Next week I'll let you all know exactly why the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was chosen to be my #8.  It has some deep rooted ties to it.  I hope you all have a great week!

A little throwback here... One of the motivators I needed was to see this picture come across my memory feed.  5 years ago in Dallas one of racings greatest was there.  She led the 5k which I crossed the finish line with her, and then she ran the half marathon which I also crossed the finish line with her.  It's truly an honor when you get to meet those who pave the way for our sport.  I was humbled and honored.

March 23, 2014.  Rock N Roll Dallas.  One of my greatest racing memories with one of racings best!  Deena Kastor!!!
Again message me with any questions or suggestions.  Any products out there you'd like me to test and review please let me know.  I'm still VERY much into these....

The PLUS ones have the extra electrolytes and honestly, you can't beat the taste on these!!!  I'm looking forward to a long hike soon and having these with me.  I've ordered the Post Workout Smoothies to try.  I'll let you know how those work out.

As for my Newton Gravity 8's that I'm trying out, I've been given the recommendation to break them in easy.  So one day a week I've been putting 3-5 miles on them.  So far I just love how they feel.  When I analyzed my runs after the 3 times I've worn them, my Garmin data shows a more even ground contact balance between my Right and Left.  (Technical Runner Mumbo-Jumbo that I won't get too into detail about).  So far they feel great and I'm looking forward to running more in them.


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