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Revel in it ALL!

When I was in fresh out of high school I remember taking a weekend trip with some friends to Denver.  We spent time eating at great restaurants and relishing in the wonderful city.  I fell in love.  Since then I just always knew someday (still in progress) that I'd end up living in Colorado.

There are some great marathons to run in Colorado but I set on Revel Rockies.  Known for its fast finish times and mostly downhill (extremely downhill) course, I figured I'd give it a shot.  My friend Jaime (pictured below) has actually ran it and won the women's overall category for this race so I picked her brain and got tips on training for this race.

Downhill racing is MUCH different than any other race.  When someone says "oh that's easy because its all downhill", while the exertion factor may be less, the recovery for me was almost unbearable.  I've never had such a tough time recovering from a race than this one.  The first half started off great and I actual…

Time to breathe

It's been a while since I've posted.  Part of me was overwhelmed with life and all of its glory, some of me was just starting to reevaluate my priorities, desires, and goals for life.

For those that follow me I do want to let you know my project is still very much alive and going.  I'm happy to say that I'm now at 11 marathon completions, and number 12 is less than 3 weeks away.  For those that know me, I fundraise for a particular group that I am very passionate about, and this upcoming race is for them again.

Thanks for those of you that checked in on me during my absence from posting.  I defiantly plan to share with you my hiccups that I've encountered since racing in June, as well as the highlights.

For now, I'm defiantly enjoying the colder weather.  Running in the cold has always been my preference.  Even when it's freezing outside, I love putting on my hoodie and gloves to enjoy the cold.

Well, this weekend I'll have more time to send you guys s…