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That's a Wrap!!! (Part 2 - Finish Strong)

If there could me a motivational statement that I needed to get me through 2019, this was defiantly it.  My last race for 2019 and at the finish line, was this sign.  It rang true not just for the race, but for the year, and hopefully I can mirror that in the future.  As the final hours tick away I'm so thankful to say goodbye to 2019.  This year was hard.  That my friends, is not a complaint, but a matter of fact. Many of you close friends of mine know some of the things that have been causing pain in my heart this year, but I will finish this year strong, and even stronger than I imagined.

I certainly don't believe in the saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".  I believe somethings truly do kill us, just shy from a literal sense.  Heartbreaks, deaths, unwanted medical diagnosis, losing friends, career changes, all of these things have killed part of me this year.  And they say running can ward off depression.  Well with todays run I hit my running…

That's a Wrap!!! (Part 1)

The good thing about the holidays is you get some time to relax, hopefully enjoy some time with loved ones, and get in some running.  While taking it easy there sure was a lot still going on.  One of the reasons I love to write this blog is to reflect on my life.  This year has hands down been one of the roughest roller coasters I've been on.  So when I look back on some of these photos, races, and where life has taken me, It helps to shine some positivity down the rabbit hole I can tend to go down.  So here is the wrap up of 2019.  I'm sure if I took the time to count I'd know how many races I ran, placements etc.  But what I really enjoyed and learned from the most was the 7 marathons I managed to complete this year.

Up next was the Chunky Monkey 10k and Lavender Run 10k.  I managed to place 3rd overall female for the Chunky Monkey and 1st place age group finisher for the Lavender Run.  My sweet friend Jane ran the 5k as well!  She inspires me!  Then I got to spend time…