That's a Wrap!!! (Part 1)

The good thing about the holidays is you get some time to relax, hopefully enjoy some time with loved ones, and get in some running.  While taking it easy there sure was a lot still going on.  One of the reasons I love to write this blog is to reflect on my life.  This year has hands down been one of the roughest roller coasters I've been on.  So when I look back on some of these photos, races, and where life has taken me, It helps to shine some positivity down the rabbit hole I can tend to go down.  So here is the wrap up of 2019.  I'm sure if I took the time to count I'd know how many races I ran, placements etc.  But what I really enjoyed and learned from the most was the 7 marathons I managed to complete this year.
2019 Running Medals.  7 Marathon Medals around my neck.  Others are various races and top finisher/age group medals.

After Grandmas Marathon, I was ready for some shorter distances.  I raced the Jim Thorpe 5k and was the first overall female in the open group, then the next day I ran the Women's distance festival 5k.  Then in that same week to follow I ran the Red, White, and Blue 10k.  The short, fast races were defiantly refreshing after the marathons in June.
1st place F 30-39 award
Jim Thorpe 5k 1st place F 30-39

Women's Distance 5k 3rd place age group
Red, White, and Blue 10k 2nd place age group

Up next was the Chunky Monkey 10k and Lavender Run 10k.  I managed to place 3rd overall female for the Chunky Monkey and 1st place age group finisher for the Lavender Run.  My sweet friend Jane ran the 5k as well!  She inspires me!  Then I got to spend time with her sweet baby after the race.  Such a sweet lil girl!  I love her so much!
Lavender Run 10 with Jane and my sweet hero!
My sweet friend Jane!!!
Chunky Monkey 10k, 3rd overall female
Lavender Run 10k 1st place age group
My fast friend Teresa
I held back telling many people of the next race on my list.  I've never done much trail running, and never done a trail race either.  So earlier this year I put my name in the lottery for the La Luz Trail Run.  Rated one of the top 10 toughest trail races.  The locals here all know of the trail, if not the race itself.  I was so nervous.  I gave it my best shot, completed the race, and felt amazing!!!

Sunrise over the Sandia Mountains on race morning.
Check out the website if you interested on this amazing race and possibly entering the lottery for 2020!  I do believe I'll be trying to get in again next year!

Lovelace Rio Grande Half Marathon 1st place age group
Rico, Teresa, Cameron, and me post race.

After La Luz, it was time for the Rio Grande Half Marathon.  I got to see a bunch of my local running friends at this one.  They are ridiculously fast!  With back to back races over the weeks I didn't have the total energy for this one, but still enjoyed the race.  Same course year after year so you know what to expect.  Then a couple weeks later I got to run with some of those same great people at the Dam to Dam run.  Managed to place in my age group for both of these races as well.  When you got fast friends, you try to keep up!

Dam 2 Dam post race
Dam 2 Dam 10k 1st place age group

Chips n Salsa Half Marathon 1st place age group

The running was helping, but there was still so much compiling in my life that running was the only thing I felt in control of.  My dad made it out again for the Chips n Salsa race at the beginning of September.  He typically was able to make it out each year to run this one with me.  We both managed to place in our age group for this race.  Defiantly a fun one and again, hanging out with my fast friends!

Chips n Salsa Half Marathon with my fast 'Dad' friends
Chips n Salsa Half Marathon Post race with my dad

So without getting too lengthy, I'll wrap up part 1 of my summers end of running.  At this point I had some other races coming up to finish out the year, as well as 2 more marathons.  Stay tuned for Part 2.

And to share my claim to fame, my friend Ray opened his email and noticed my picture.  I was stunned to see the Napa Valley Marathon featured my photo in their email!  So humbling!!!!

And of course, I have to share one of the best parts of the summer.  Not so much running related but my sons club team had finished the season and as I mentioned in the last post, took 2nd in state.  Well the All-Star season for little league runs longer.  So our summer was consumed with baseball (no complaints here, it's my favorite sport).  I'm proud to say that the Paradise Hills Minor All-Stars won District 5 and then went onto become UNDEFEATED State Champions!  Here they are in all their glory!
Paradise Hills Little League Minor All-Stars 2019

Paradise Hills Little League Minor All-Stars 2019 - State Champions
I like to think that all my running, dedication, and perseverance helps to rub off on my kids.  We all want our best qualities and traits to rub off on our kids.  At least I know my son got my curly hair for starters.  


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